This CSR website provides an overview of the diverse initiatives that the Otsuka Group engages in: from its relationship with stakeholders in the course of doing business to realizing its corporate philosophy.

Message from the President

To Become an Indispensable Contributor to People's Health Worldwide

CSR Library

Otsuka's CSR activities are reported in Integrated Report.

Otsuka’s CSR activities are categorized in five areas of health, environment, quality, culture and employees.

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Culture
  • Employees

Otsuka Group Across the Globe

The Otsuka Group's global businesses create a variety of products that help to maintain and enhance daily health and aid in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Otsuka group is working to strengthen communication and cooperation with them.

Otsuka Group's CSR

By identifying materiality, on which the Otsuka Group should focus, the Group continues to strive for sustainable development in its business operations and society at large.

Work-Life Balance
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Parenting Support

Otsuka group companies in Japan have been accredited with the Kurumin mark,...