Otsuka Group's CSR

Otsuka's approach to social responsibility is driven by its commitment to live up to its corporate philosophy, “Otsuka-people creating new products for better health worldwide.” Otsuka's CSR initiatives evolve as stakeholders become increasingly engaged. This is only natural, since Otsuka's business activities require the understanding, cooperation and support of many external and internal stakeholders.
Otsuka contributes to society in various ways, including initiatives to benefit the local communities where it operates and protect the environment. These initiatives directly and indirectly help Otsuka to improve its manufacturing and services. However, delivering products and services valued by customers does more than help develop the group's business. With this approach, Otsuka also creates virtuous cycles of trust, loyalty and support through emphasis on areas such as community partnerships. By pursuing CSR as an integral part of its business, Otsuka can continue as a valued, necessary partner for society.

The Otsuka group CSR vision draws inspiration from the forward and backward flows of the famous eddies in the Naruto Straits, near the city of Tokushima, Japan where Otsuka was founded. In a way analogous to these two-way currents, the Otsuka group contributes profits back to society in one direction, while in the other direction it pursues commercial activities rooted in its corporate philosophy that reinforce social goodwill.

Five Areas of Otsuka Group CSR
Health As a total healthcare company, the Otsuka group is focused on developing innovative products and seeking ways to maintain and promote better health for all.
Environment Our lives, communities and business activities are inextricably linked to the environment. Otsuka group embraces its responsibility to care for the environment and pursue sustainability at every stage, from the manufacturing of products through to their use.
Quality Otsuka's approach to quality extends beyond safety and security of product manufacturing. Striving to enhance the quality of its social initiatives, the group engages on a broad range of activities, from information transparency and disclosure to collaboration with other businesses, respect for local communities, and ensuring compliance with regulations.
Culture Otsuka respects local communities and their time-honored cultures. The group contributes to community development and in particular to the education of children who represent the future of their communities, through community exchanges, partnerships, and support for education.
Employees The spirit of Sozosei (creativity) instilled in every employee of the Otsuka group stems from their desire to emulate the corporate philosophy. The group fosters a culture that encourages a diverse workforce to break out of the conventional, broaden their perspectives, and pursue personal development. This collective creativity, in turn, enables the group to continue to develop innovative products that enrich society.