This CSR website provides an overview of the diverse initiatives that the Otsuka Group engages in: from its relationship with stakeholders in the course of doing business to realizing its corporate philosophy.

Message from the President

To Become an Indispensable Contributor to People's Health Worldwide

CSR Library

Otsuka's CSR activities are reported in Integrated Report.

Otsuka’s CSR activities are categorized in five areas of health, environment, quality, culture and employees.

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Culture
  • Employees

Otsuka Group Across the Globe

The Otsuka Group's global businesses create a variety of products that help to maintain and enhance daily health and aid in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Otsuka group is working to strengthen communication and cooperation with them.

Otsuka Group's CSR

By identifying materiality, on which the Otsuka Group should focus, the Group continues to strive for sustainable development in its business operations and society at large.

Safety Initiatives
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Listening to Customers

In order to field and respond to customer inquiries appropriately, the Otsu...

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Implementing Otsuka Group-Wide Training—Global Code of Business Ethics and a Global Anti-Corruption Policy

In order to promote and achieve group-wide compliance under the banner of i...

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Support for Employment of Seniors

The Otsuka group has initiated a program aimed at giving employees aged 60 ...

Contributions to Communities outside Japan
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Monthly Volunteer Activities on “ION Day”

Since July 2009, Dong-A Otsuka in South Korea has marked the 25th of every ...

Raising Awareness of Health
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Building Awareness of Prevention of Heat Disorders

Ever since the launch of POCARI SWEAT, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been advoc...

Employee Health
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Employee Health and Safety

The Otsuka group offers various health programs and consultation services t...

Raising Awareness of Health
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Raising Awareness of Women’s Health

The average lifespan in Japan, which is over 80 years old for both men and ...

Employee Health
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Employment Support for Cancer Patients

As a company committed to developing treatments for several types of cancer...

Contributing to Communities
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Forest Conservation Activities such as Tree Planting and Thinning

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory and Taiho Pharmaceutical have supported the T...

Contributing to Communities
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Sub-Rural Health Center in Myanmar

In Myanmar, births typically occur at home with a midwife in attendance, an...

Eco-Friendly Products
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Sustainable Product Design

Nutrition & Santé SAS, based in southern France, implements its own eco...

Work-Life Balance
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Workplace Childcare

Since 2011 within the Otsuka group, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has operated the ...

Contributing to Communities
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Healthcare Support Activities: Otsuka Welfare Clinic

In 2003, the Otsuka group established the Otsuka Welfare Clinic in Peshawar...

Youth Education
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Plant Tours for Students

Otsuka group companies proactively welcome visitors to tour their plants. O...

Development of Human Capital
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Personal Development

The Otsuka group has a variety of training programs that enable employees t...

Protecting Biodiversity
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Initiatives for Protecting and Reintroducing Endangered Species

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Tokushima Itano Factory is working to protect and b...

Contributing to Communities
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Health Promotion, Disaster Prevention and Relief Activities

The Otsuka group of companies works with communities to engage in health aw...

Addressing Unmet Needs
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Support Ranging from IV Solutions to Eating Solid Food

Otsuka Pharmaceutical Factory develops products that comprehensively suppor...

Employee Health
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Certification as a Health and Productivity Management Organization

Otsuka Pharmaceutical believes that each and every Otsuka employee should b...

Safety Initiatives
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Quality and Safety Control

The Otsuka group has established rigorous quality control systems suited to...

Protecting Biodiversity
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Otsuka Group Non-Native Fishing Tournament

Lake Biwa is well known as Japan’s largest lake and has been a local source...

Employee Health
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Otsuka Pharmaceutical carries out various health education and physical fit...

Communicating Health Information
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My First Water Project

Otsuka Foods has been running the My First Water Project, which aims to dis...

Protecting Biodiversity
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Factory Grounds Open to the Community

Factories of the Otsuka group carry out regular cleanup activities on areas...