The Otsuka Group CSR Report provides an overview of the diverse initiatives that the Otsuka Group engages in: from its relationship with stakeholders in the course of doing business to realizing its corporate philosophy.

Message from the President

To Become an Indispensable Contributor to People's Health Worldwide

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Due to a change in the fiscal year-end to December, the results cover the period from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The activities reported on include some conducted more recently.

In this report, we have tried to emphasize the unique aspects of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives as a global company, organized around the five areas of health, the environment, quality, culture, and employees. We also sought to expand the scope of information that we provide in the report.

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Quality
  • Culture
  • Employees

Otsuka Group Across the Globe

The Otsuka Group's global businesses create a variety of products that help to maintain and enhance daily health and aid in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Otsuka group is working to strengthen communication and cooperation with them.

Otsuka Group's CSR Vision

By identifying materiality, on which the Otsuka Group should focus, the Group continues to strive for sustainable development in its business operations and society at large.

Identification of the Otsuka Group's Materiality

The Otsuka group continues to promote CSR as an integral part of its business activities, and strive for sustainable development in its business operations and society at large.

Performance Data

CSR-related data of our 12 key companies in Japan is available here.

GRI G4 Guidelines /ISO26000

Comparative Tables with GRI Guidelines and ISO26000 are available here.

Development of Human Capital
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Human Resources Development Program: Otsuka Global Academy

A key component of enhancing corporate value for the Otsuka group is nurtur...

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Promoting Compliance—Otsuka Chemical

Otsuka Chemical not only put into place a systematic compliance structure i...

Employee Health
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Employment Support for Cancer Patients

As a company committed to developing treatments for several types of cancer...

Work-Life Balance
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Workplace Childcare

Since 2011 within the Otsuka group, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has operated the ...

Safety Initiatives
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Listening to Customers

In order to field and respond to customer inquiries appropriately, the Otsu...

Contributing to Communities
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Health Promotion, Disaster Prevention and Relief Activities

The Otsuka group of companies works with communities to engage in health aw...

Climate Change Response
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Initiatives on the Production Floor

The Otsuka group aims to help prevent global warming by promoting both tang...

Communicating Health Information
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Taiho Pharmaceutical provides support for the National Cancer Center Hospit...

Culture and Sports Activities
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Track and Field Program Sponsorship

The Otsuka Pharmaceutical track and field team includes male and female ath...

Culture and Sports Activities
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Tokushima Vortis Professional Soccer Team

The Tokushima Vortis professional soccer team was founded in 2004 around a ...

Environmental Management
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Environmental Education

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has provided an ongoing environmental e-learning prog...

Addressing Unmet Needs
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Addressing Unmet Needs

Diseases of the central nervous system include schizophrenia, depression, b...

Work-Life Balance
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Caregiver Support

Otsuka group companies promote various initiatives enabling employees to re...

Contributions to Communities outside Japan
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SATU HATI Programs in Indonesia

In Indonesia, PT Amerta Indah Otsuka (AIO) has held SATU HATI (One Heart) c...

Risk Management
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Information Security Initiatives—Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has established an Information Security Committee to ...

Work-Life Balance
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Parenting Support

Otsuka group companies in Japan have been accredited with the Kurumin mark,...

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Integration of Employees with Disabilities

The Otsuka group places importance on principle of integrating people with ...

Youth Education
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Support Through Education

Since 2007, in Japan, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Otsuka Chemical, and Taiho Pha...

Contributions to Communities outside Japan
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Monthly Volunteer Activities on “ION Day”

Since July 2009, Dong-A Otsuka in South Korea has marked the 25th of every ...

Protecting Biodiversity
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Creating Biotopes

Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Tokushima Itano Factory has created facilities that...

Risk Management
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Formulating BCP and BCM—EN Otsuka Pharmaceutical

With firsthand experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011,...

Raising Awareness of Health
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Building Awareness of Prevention of Heat Disorders

Ever since the launch of POCARI SWEAT, Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been advoc...

Contributions to Communities outside Japan
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Sponsor Workplace Mental Health Initiative

One in five adults in the US experience a diagnosable mental illness in any...